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Why do Singaporeans prefer employing maids from Indonesia?

Indonesian Maids Singapore

Singapore employs domestic help from a number of countries that includes Indonesia, Myanmar, India, The Philippines, and Cambodia. So why are Indonesian Maids a popular choice for Singaporeans? We look in to a number of factors.

1) Language

A good number of Singaporeans understands and speaks Malay and this is especially so for the elderlies. The Malay language is very similar to Bahasa Indonesia and are generally mutually intelligible. Hence, with the advantage of basic communication, the Indonesian domestic helpers gain an upper hand.

2) Cooking Style

Being a multi-racial country, the Indonesian style of cooking tend to suit the tastebuds of Singaporeans as Malay cuisines are a rather popular choice amongst locals. Think about the rendang chicken, nasi goreng, assam fish and imagine how its like if your Indonesian maid is able to whip up dishes like that for you after coming home from a days' long work. Splendid huh?

3) Mentality

While there are some who can be rather selective at the kind of jobs they take on, most Indonesian Maids are willing to accept most jobs such as Infant, children, and aged care, or general housekeeping for families with bigger houses. They are also more willing to do away with the usage of phone during working hours and work during their regulated off days in return for a higher salary.

Of course, the above factors are merely some of the reasons that supports the choices of Singapore employers. The selection of a maid's nationality all boils down to the comfort level of the hiring employer and their family. Who do they think they can live with over the course of the employment duration? Who do they think is a better fit for their family?

The best way to find out is to conduct an interview with the maids of different nationality with a Maid Agency in Singapore. The idea is to get a sensing of the person's character and personality to decide if they would get along with members of the family. After all, a helper with a good written resume does not necessarily mean that she is an easy person to live with. You get the point.

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