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Maid Home Leave Application in Singapore - Do It Yourself

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Congratulations to both you and your maid on finishing her contract and a successful employment. Planning for her home leave application would be the next step after your renewal of employment with her. Do note that even if your helper is planning to go back to her homeland or country for even a day during her contract term, home leave application still needs to be processed. It is pertinent for you as an employer, to know that there are different regulations your helper needs to comply with to be allowed to re-enter Singapore to continue her contract. Immigration requirements vary from country to country and depend on factors such as the foreign domestic worker’s homeland requirements, nationality type and length of employment with employer.

Filipino Maids Home Leave Application

For Home Leave Application for Filipino Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW), the process is longer as there are more regulations in place. First up, register with the Philippines Embassy to apply for a temporary exit document. Once registration is done, you will receive an authenticated contract.

Who to process this registration really depends on your Filipino maid’s length of employment with you. For Filipino maids working less than 2 years with you, the employer has to go through a maid agency in Singapore. For Filipino maids working more than 2 years with you, you and your Filipino helper will be able to process the registration on your own. For this registration for Filipino maid home leave application, make an appointment with the Philippines Embassy (along with all the necessary documents).

How to Obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)

After settling your contract for your Filipino Maid’s Home Leave Application, the next step is obtaining an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). This document allows your FDW to clear immigration back to the Philippines and return to Singapore after her home leave is over.

For this section of your Filipino Maid’s Home Leave Application, you can get the OEC online through the Balik-Manggagawa Online Processing System. Go straight to the Appointment Page. Choose your preferred POEA office address and appointment schedule for the processing of your Filipino helper’s OEC and payment. For more information or other FAQs you might have about home leave application procedures, please refer to the Philippines Embassy’s FAQ.

After her home leave, your Filipino FDW needs to present the OEC to the immigration officer at her country before boarding. If she is not able to produce this OEC document after her home leave, she will be denied boarding (even if she is holding her work permit).

Home Leave Application for Indonesian Maids

With regards to Home Leave application for Indonesian helpers, the process is much easier and simpler than that of a Filipino FDW’s home leave application. If your Indonesian maid has a KPIS card then just ensure that she shows it to the immigration officer in her homeland before boarding her return flight to Singapore. If your Indonesian helper does not have a KPIS Card, you need to make an appointment with the Indonesian Embassy and register for it. This is a necessary part of the process for your Indonesian maid’s home leave application - to obtain the KPIS card. The length of process depends on the queue at the Indonesian Embassy and you will need to have with you the required documentation. Documents obtained for her home leave application should be kept and brought on a home leave by your Indonesian helper. After her home leave, these documents along with her Work Permit need to be presented to the immigration officer in Indonesia before boarding her flight to Singapore.

Other important things to note after home leave application:

  1. Ensure that your helper’s passport has minimally a validity period of 6 months.

  2. If your FDW is re-contracted, your insurance policy and security bond with the Ministry of Manpower will remain in effect.

  3. If your Filipino maid or Indonesian maid is overseas for a period of more than a week, you can proceed to apply with MOM for a levy waiver after she has returned from her home leave.

  4. Helpers should always remember to check and carry their original work permit cards and passports with them for home leave. If FDWs return to Singapore without their WP(work permit), they may be disallowed entry again.

  5. Employers should keep a record of their helpers flight for own safekeeping and reference. By keeping in contact with their maids even while they are on home leave, they can check and inform their FDW if their FDW’s flights are changed or delayed.

If your Filipino or Indonesian FDW does not return to Singapore for whatever reason after her home leave, you can cancel their work permit. Do keep her itinerary details for proof that you do not forfeit your security bond.

While your Filipino or Indonesian helper is on home leave, you can submit a request to defer her 6-monthly medical examination, but it is recommended to take the medical examination once she is back in Singapore

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