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New Service by Singtel helps Indonesian Maids remit money to their families fast

Indonesian Maids In Singapore Remit Money Home

Indonesian Maids can now remit money back home to their families who currently do not have a bank account through their new service, Singtel Dash. In addition to this, they can also choose to remit money to a bank account in Indonesia. Each transaction comes with a fee of $9 and is capped at $999 per transfer and the recipients can cash out the money at more than 4,500 cash-out points across Indonesia at their post offices.

To use the service, the Indonesian maids must first register at SingCash outlets at Lucky Plaza and City Plaza. Name, date of birth, and mobile number of the recipient must be provided during the sign up. After going through this one-time hassle, the Indonesian Maids in Singapore can then top up their new Singtel Dash Account on the app through a Singapore bank account or at AXS points or 7-Eleven if they choose to top up with cash.

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