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Don't choose a Maid Agency without considering these 5 proven observations!

Maid Agency in Singapore

Choosing which maid agency to assist you with your maid selection is an important decision. Everything down from the interview and selection process, to the contract and payment terms, and more importantly, the after maid deployment support given by the maid agency in Singapore can determine whether or not you will have a pleasant hiring experience even if the chosen maid doesn't work out.

We list down 5 questions and observations you make when deciding on which Singapore Maid Agency to sign with.

1) How established is the Maid Agency?

Take a look at the maid agencies name cards. See the number of branch office they have. Anything more than 3 is a good sign that they have been in the trade long enough and would not just shutter is doors one day. After all, when you make a payment, you would want to know where you can find help. An office location is a must.

2) How many Transfer Maids are sitting around the Maid Agency's office?

Be observant when you enter the office, look around. Maid's wearing the company's office uniform are usually the Transfer Maids. Although at times, it is common that some maids do not work out with their first employers, having too many of them can show weakness in the maid agency's matching capabilities and counselling techniques.

3) Sincerity of the Maid Agent

First, you must be comfortable with the employment agency personnel when discussing your requirements. They must be able to listen to what your needs are and make the suitable maid profile recommendations. Trust is important as they will be the ones who handles your case should you require help. You do not want a situation whereby your maid agent turns unresponsive to your call for assistance.

4) Always request to interview the maid candidates

Be it by phone or through Skype, it is always advantageous to confirm the details of the profiles through interview. This is so you have a rough understanding on who you are hiring. While it is difficult to gauge a maid's capabilities, you are able to size up roughly how this person's personality is and whether she is a right fit for your household members. If your Singapore Maid Agency often turns down your request for an interview with your shortlisted domestic helper candidates, it is probably time to look elsewhere.

5) Does The Maid Agency Have Enough Bio Datas

It is important to note that should you require to replace your helper for whatsoever reasons, your agency should have a replacement clause that requires them to provide you with a replacement at a much lower cost as compared to getting a whole new service package. However, if your appointed Maid Agency has very limited candidates, finding a suitable replacement might become challenging. This might force you to forgo your replacement entitlement and fork out much more hiring from other Maid Agencies again.

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