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Why you should consider employing a Mizoram Maid?

Mizoram, also commonly known as Mizo is situated in India sharing the border with Myanmar. Over the years, they are slowly getting popular in Singapore as domestic employers begin to explore hiring them as domestic helpers for their household and they definitely have good reasons to do so. Let us explore why.

Mizoram Maid Agency


First, let us provide you with a little background information about this little state in India. Mizoram has a population base of roughly 1,091,014. The literacy rate of Mizoram in 2011 was 91.33 per cent, higher than the national average 74.04 per cent, and second best among all the states of India. About 52% of Mizoram population lives in urban areas, much higher than India's average. Over one third of the population of Mizoram lives in Aizawl district, which hosts the capital.


Mizo is the official language and the most widely used language for verbal interactions, but ENGLISH, being important for education, administration, formalities and governance, is widely used. Mizoram has a highly literate work force, with literacy rate of nearly 90% and widespread use of English.


Christians - 87%

Buddhists - 8.3%

Hindus - 3.6%

(according to the 2001 census.)


The growth of Christianity, scholars state, was shaped from a foundation of cultural, religious and socio- political structure. One such foundation cultural element of Mizo people was Hnatlang, states Hlawndo, which literally means social work, united labor or community labor (the word hna‘ means job or work in Mizo language; and tlang‘ means together and mutual). The tribal members who were absent from such social work, for reasons other than illness and disability, were punished with penalties - a form of strong peer pressure. From jhum cultivation to raid expeditions on neighbouring tribes would require Hnatlang, the spirit of united labor and equal sharing of end result.


Mizo Maids are usually received better education as compared to the Myanmar Maids and Indonesian Maids. Their understanding and speaking of the English language are also stronger in comparison. Given that most employers communicate with their maids in English, this gives Mizoram Maids an edge over their peers. In terms of diet restriction, being a Christian, most Mizo maids are not restricted to certain dietary requirements except of those on their own preference. Furthermore, their salary expectations are also very competitive given their strengths.

That being said, there are not many Mizoram Maid Agencies in Singapore as the Mizo province is a relatively small one with a limited number of applicants looking to work here. Nonetheless, those that arrive here through their Mizoram Maid Agency has shown a good track record with a lower rate of return. If you are looking to hire a maid in the near future, you can consider interviewing some maids from Mizoram and you'll understand what we mean.

Are you looking to hire a Mizoram Maid? Be sure to check out this link: Mizoram Maid Agency in Singapore

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